Margarita and Overland Pipeline Project

History of Water Main Breaks on Overland Dr.

Rancho Water has experienced an unusual number of water main breaks on Overland Dr. between Margarita Road and Ynez Road.  After a thorough review of the issue and inspection of the damaged pipe, we have identified two major issues that place this particular section of pipeline from Ynez and Overland to Margarita and Solana Way under a higher risk of failure.  First, is that a type of thinner walled PVC pipe was used during the installation in the 1990’s that isn’t used anywhere else in the District.  The second issue is from installation problems caused by the original contractor. 

2020-2021 Construction Plans

Last year, Rancho Water moved forward with an emergency pipe replacement between Nicole Lane and Margarita Road to help prevent further main breaks. Starting November 2020, the District will replace the remaining section of faulty pipeline in two phases.  Starting in the southbound lanes on Margarita Road and Solana Way, working toward Overland Drive, contractors will replace 1,400 ft. of water pipe. The next section will replace 1,100 ft. of pipeline on Overland between Nicole Lane and Ynez Road.   All construction will take place Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 p.m.- 7:00 a.m. The project is expected to be completed in late May 2021. 

Motorists are asked to follow traffic controls during this time and use alternate routes during the construction period, if possible.  Residents should expect some noise and light disturbances during night work hours.

Rancho Water is working closely with the contractors to mitigate impacts and complete the work as efficiently as possible.

map of construction area on Margarita and Overland