Eva Plajzer

District Management
Title: Assistant General Manager
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Eva Plajzer

Ms. Eva Plajzer is the appointed Assistant General Manager for Engineering and Operations. Ms. Plajzer oversees the Engineering and Operations divisions and is responsible for the District’s engineering, operations, wastewater, and maintenance functions. Ms. Plajzer joined the District in May 2016 with over 20 years of experience in the utility and engineering consulting business.

Prior to joining the District, Ms. Plajzer spent 10 years working in various capacities for water and sewer public utility providers. Prior to joining the public utility sector, Ms. Plajzer worked as a consultant for a nationally recognized engineering firm specializing in providing engineering and planning services to numerous utilities across the United States.

Ms. Plajzer holds a Professional Engineer’s license in California and Virginia, and Treatment and Distribution Operator certifications from the California State Water Resources Control Board. She obtained her Bachelors of Civil Engineering from the University of California, Irvine and Masters of Engineering from University of California, Davis. Ms. Plajzer also holds a master's degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University.


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