Check Your Water

Rancho Water thanks YOU, our community, for the work you've done to save water over the years. But, now, with California back in a drought, it's time to Step It Up. What we save today, we can use tomorrow. 

Making it simple to save:

Three Ways to Save Today

Check Your Water Budget

  • Rancho Water provides personalized water budgets to its customers based on the weather, size of the irrigated landscape, and the number of people in the home
  • Log on to MyWaterTracker, and track your water use in real-time. It’s FREE!
  • You can sign up to receive alerts by text or email.  We will notify you when you are at or near your monthly water budget.

Check for Leaks

Indoor Home Health Check

Outdoor Home Health Check

  • Check your property for broken sprinkler heads
  • Look for wet spots or pooling water around irrigated landscape
  • Repair/replace missing or damaged irrigation equipment
Drippy water in bank

Check Sprinkler Timers

  • Verify irrigation controllers are working as intended and that the date and time are correct
  • Install a smart controller that will water your yard for the right amount at the right time
  • Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day (9am-6pm)
  • Don’t water when it’s windy. Droplets and mist can blow away.

Put Your Lawn on Life Alert

Over-watering your lawn is one of the biggest water wasters at your house. Follow these tips to adjust your irrigation system for the cooler months ahead. Find more info on the Outdoor Efficiency page.

  • Gradually reduce water use by 10 percent increments over the course of a few weeks - giving lawns, trees and plants time to adjust
  • Install a "Smart" irrigation controller which automatically adjusts using current weather data, historical weather patterns and/or soil moisture sensor
  • Check for and repair leaks
  • Adjust sprinkler heads to maximize coverage, avoid watering sidewalks and patios
  • Install a drip irrigation system, grouping plants with similar water needs together on one drip irrigation line

Water Saving Tools

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