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Residential Variance Form

  1. Instructions
    If you believe you need an increased water budget based on the criteria listed below, please complete this form. The water budget tiered rate billing system is designed to serve as a tool to help you identify problems such as leaks or over-watering. Using water efficiently helps RCWD keep water rates low by reducing purchases of expensive water from outside the local area. Variances may be approved for any of the following reasons and are subject to periodic review by RCWD. All variances are subject to change and you may be liable for back charges for providing false information. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request for variance. Variances will be effective beginning with first complete billing cycle after the date they are approved.
  2. I am requesting an increased water budget for the following reason(s):
  3. Please include your landscape area sketch with dimensions in feet & total area in square feet. Include pool surface area.
  4. Enter total number of persons and submit a copy of facility license.
  5. Attach verifiable medical documentation.
  6. 5. Large Animals (weighing over 100 pounds each)
    Please attach proof of large animals (photos, etc.)
  7. There may be an instance where an increased allocation on a permanent or temporary basis may be appropriate. If you believe this is the case, please provide the details in the box above and attach any documentation you may have.
  8. 7. Initial Fill or Refill of Pool (Variance available once every 5 years)

    Please contact the billing department at (951) 296-6930 or email after you receive your bill that includes the period in which you filled your pool. The adjustment cannot be made until this occurs. 

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