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Report & Request Forms

  1. CII Soil Moisture Device Pilot Program

    Selected participants will be given soil moisture sensors to test at their site.

  2. Drought Assistance Form
  3. Leak Alert Pilot Project Opt-Out Form

    Select which method(s) of notification you would like to be opted out of. Please note that by opting out of the Leak Alert Pilot... More…

  4. Non-Emergency Online Service Request
  5. Request for Public Records
  6. Residential Water-Use Efficiency Evaluation
  7. Tell us your Story!

    Are you a customer who is within their Tier 1 and 2 water budget allocation? Do you have a success story on how to become more water... More…

  1. Commercial Industrial Institutional - Water-Use Efficiency Evaluation
  2. Interest Form
  3. MyWaterEfficiency Scorecard Survey

    The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from customers regarding the new MyWaterEfficiency scorecards.

  4. Report Water Waste
  5. Request Sewer Standby Charges Refund
  6. Speaker Request Form
  7. Variance Request for Increased Agricultural Water Allocation