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New Service Request

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  2. Next business day (Monday through Friday only)
  3. If you do not want to provide your social security number via this form, please call our office @ (951)296-6930
  4. Include the state where your Driver License was issued.
  5. Leave blank if same as service address
  6. Used to determine the indoor water budget
  7. Residential Customers - Landscape Square Footage
    Please note that a portion of your water budget each month is based on your property’s landscape square footage. The default landscape square footage for a new home is 500 square feet. If you have a landscape area larger than 500 square feet, please contact Customer Service to inquire about the landscape square footage that is on file for your property or complete a Variance Form that can be found on the Residential Customers page.
  8. * RCWD Staff will contact you should additional information be needed.
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