About Rancho Water District

About the District

Rancho California Water District (RCWD) is a local, independent "Special District," organized on August 16, 1965, operating pursuant to the California Water District Law, Division 13 of the California Water Code. Because a wide range of general and special acts exist in state law, water special districts are governed by a large number of distinct statutory authorizations, which allows the District to provide designated water services. RCWD's seven-member governing body, the Board of Directors, is directly elected by the voters for a fixed term of four years and is responsible for setting policy and decision-making. Legally a "political subdivision of the state," RCWD operates in an open and public environment. The District's responsible fiscal management and planning provide the financial means to ensure reliable water and wastewater system operations.


From its inception in a one-room wooden building to its present facility, RCWD continues to plan for and meet the ever-changing water needs of a growing and diverse community. Conserving and managing the area's unique water resources are essential to the continued viability of the community. RCWD's implementation of an Integrated Resources Plan (PDF) (IRP), a roadmap for long-term resource planning, examines all possible supply-side and demand-side management opportunities to meet its customers' needs in an economical and sustainable manner. The IRP addresses issues such as imported water supply availability, system capacity constraints, rising imported water costs, water quality issues, and recycled water.

Image of the District's first building