Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency Program

About the Program

Rancho Water (District) is helping its agricultural customers pay for irrigation system equipment upgrades that may improve irrigation system performance. Upgrading to more efficient irrigation hardware may result in potential water savings and improved uniformity. 

The Agricultural Irrigation Efficiency Program (Program) provides FREE irrigation evaluations to determine the necessary irrigation improvements. Growers will receive an itemized list of recommended upgrades and a shared cost estimate. If growers install the suggested components by the deadline date, they will be reimbursed up to $550 per acre or $5,000 per property. Reimbursements will be credited to the account holder's water bill.  


Participants must be located in Rancho Water's service area and the property must be classified as agricultural status. Customers who have previously participated in this program or the District's CropSWAP program will not be eligible.   


Application Process

This Program is available for agricultural customers only and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For more information, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1- Apply:

To participate in this Program, please CLICK HERE to fill out an interest form. Rancho Water will review your account information and determine eligibility. Once approved, Rancho Water will forward your information to a District approved contractor that will contact you to schedule a FREE irrigation evaluation. 

Step 2- Irrigation Evaluation:

A District approved contractor will meet you at your property to discuss the Program and evaluate your irrigation system. Please note that this evaluation requires you to turn on your irrigation system and allow the contractor to perform a system test while it is running.

Step 3- Review Improvements:

After completing the evaluation, the contractor will provide an irrigation system evaluation report recommending irrigation improvements. Please note the District provides these complimentary reports to determine what upgrades are needed.  

Step 4- District's Response:

Rancho Water will review the report and determine your financial incentive eligibility. If eligible, you will receive a project approval letter providing information on financial incentive amounts and approved equipment types. After reviewing the incentive amount, you will determine whether or not you would like to participate in the Program. 

Step 5- Upgrade Irrigation System:

If you agree to participate in the Program, you will purchase and install the contractor's recommended irrigation equipment within 90 Days of receiving your project approval letter. After you complete your project, please call the District to schedule a free post-irrigation system evaluation to verify that the retrofit was successful. 

Step 6- Reimbursement:

When requested, equipment receipts and supporting documents will be due to the District within 30 days. If your project is successful, up to $550 per acre or $5,000 per property will be credited to your water bill.