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Rancho Water thanks YOU, our community, for the work you've done to save water over the years. But to see our way out of this drought we'll have to step it up. Join the #Rancho15 for real ways to save up to 15% of your monthly water use. 

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Congratulations, Valerie W. of Temecula, for your winning submission in the #Rancho15 contest! Valerie let us know that she saves water by irrigating her garden overnight before the sun can evaporate the water. 

Water Symposium hosted by Rancho Water

Rancho Water staff discuss water supply updates, drought response, and water use efficiency measures during the Water Symposium on October 5, 2022

About That Drought...

The "About That Drought..." video series brings you drought updates, water use efficiency information, and answers to all your drought questions. Do you have a topic you'd like us to cover? Email your ideas to

More Ways to Save Today

Check Your Water Budget

  • Log on to MyWaterTracker, and track your water use in real-time. It’s FREE! Sign up to receive alerts by text or email.  We will notify you when you are at or near your monthly water budget.

Check for Leaks

  • Do indoor and outdoor home health checks to find & fix leaks, repair/replace old equipment, and look for wet spots or pooling water around irrigated landscape

Check Sprinkler Timers

  • Verify irrigation controllers are working as intended, install a smart controller, and avoid watering during the day or when it's windy 

Put Your Lawn on Life Alert

  • Gradually reduce outdoor watering by 10% over the course of a few weeks, adjust sprinkler heads for maximum coverage, and install drip irrigation systems

Water Saving Tools

Rancho Water offers many ways to save money and water from rebates on turf removal and appliances to free landscape audits and water tracking tools.

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