Sandia Creek Water Shutdown * June 14-16

Update: Water Restored!

Rancho Water has completed work in the area and water has been restored. If you are still experiencing a water outage at your property, please call 951-296-6900 for further assistance. Thank you to our customers for your patience and cooperation as we completed this critical work.

Necessary Construction

Rancho California Water District is dedicated to maintaining high quality and reliable water service to our customers and investing in the infrastructure necessary to deliver water to your homes and properties. To meet this mission, Rancho Water will be making essential repairs along Sandia Creek Drive. In this area, there are multiple isolation valves that play an essential part in Rancho Water being able to repair and maintain the water distribution system that delivers water to this area's properties. These valves are in critical need of repair and it is vital that we replace them so we can continue to offer the same high quality, safe water that our customers expect.

Construction Details

Location: Sandia Creek Drive from El Prado Road to Carancho Road (see map below)

Dates/Times: Monday, June 14 at 10:00 p.m. through Wednesday, June 16 at approximately 6:00 a.m.

Work will continue non-stop during this period. Water service in the area will be shut down during those times to facilitate the work.

June Water Shutdown

Construction Q&A Webinar

Rancho Water hosted an informational webinar on June 10th at 7:00 p.m. See the video below for answers to frequently asked questions, details about the construction timeline, and a review of the overall project.

Complimentary Bottled Water

Due to the extended timeframe of this shutdown, Rancho Water will have a case of bottled water available for each residence. Please visit the Rancho Water tent that will be set up during the shutdown at the intersection of Sandia Creek Road and Via Vaquero to receive a complimentary case of water. 

Tent Hours

Monday, June 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, June 15 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Basics of a Valve Replacement

Valve replacements require substantial construction and it is necessary to shut off all water pressure coming and going from the area in order to replace the valve successfully. The timeline below gives an overview of the work that will need to be completed. The timeline could vary as the project progresses.


  • Pre-construction activities: Excavating, shoring, and installing traffic plates over the areas of construction
  • Pipelines dewatered (6-8 hours) before construction can begin
  • Traffic control (one lane with flagmen) in place
  • Remove the traffic plates in construction area
  • Remove the existing valves and related piping 
  • New valves and piping “fit” into the excavated space and proper fit tested
  • Valves welded into place
  • Pipelines filled, disinfected, and tested
  • Once this is all complete... Water restored and back in service

See below for photos from a similar valve replacement project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the construction take place?

The construction will occur on Sandia Creek Drive between El Prado Road and Carancho Road. There will be flagmen in the area directing traffic, as needed. (See map at the top of this page)

Why is a valve replacement needed right now?

In your area, there are a number of underground isolation valves that are essential to the water distribution system that delivers water to your properties. The valves allow Rancho Water to shut off certain sections of the system, which allow for repairs and maintenance for the smallest section of system, and lowest number of affected customers. Those valves are critical to preventing future unplanned water shutoffs for potentially even longer durations. 

At this time, these valves are in critical need of repair and it is vital that we replace them now so we can continue to offer the same high quality, safe water that you expect, and not have an emergency shutdown in the future that’s unplanned and could take even longer to repair.


What kind of construction is required for this project? Why does it take so long?

To access the large valves, the crew has to excavate the area, remove the old pipes and valves, fit the new ones in the ground, and then weld them in place. After that, the District will fill, disinfect, and test the pipelines to ensure the water quality is excellent. We anticipate that the entire project will take about 36 hours with crews working around the clock.


Is Rancho Water providing bottled water for affected residents?

Yes! Rancho Water will have a tent set up at the intersection of Sandia Creek Drive and Via Vaquero, just east of the construction area. Residents can stop there to pick up a case of complimentary bottled water. Staff will be available on Monday, June 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Tuesday, June 15 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


I have large animals and/or crops. How am I supposed to get water for them?

The water will be completely shut off in the area with no water pressure. We recommend that you store water ahead of time that you can use, as needed, for your animals and/or crops. Also, leading up to the shutdown, you could overwater your plants so they aren’t in need of as much water during that time. If an emergency arises where your need for water for your animals is critical, please call 951-401-9587.

Is it possible to still flush my toilets during the shutdown?

Yes! Fill your bathtub or a large container of water prior to the shutdown. Then, as needed, you can fill a bowl or small bucket with water, pour it into the water basin of the toilet, and flush as usual. In addition, Rancho Water will have a portable restroom available for all residents at the corner of Sandia Creek Drive and Via Vaquero near the mailboxes. You are welcome to use this restroom as needed during the shutdown. 


Where can I find more information about the shutdown and/or project?

Visit this page for information and updates as the construction progresses.