Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Rancho Water is Prepared for Public Safety Power Shutoffscal-state-psps-logo-final

During wildfire season, Southern California Edison (SCE) may turn off electricity in designated areas when extreme fire danger conditions are forecasted (such as Red Flag Warnings, low humidity, high winds, and dry conditions). These precautions are called Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).

If SCE determines a need to call a PSPS, this could shut down power in Rancho Water's service area. While you may be worried about your water supply, Rancho Water is proactively putting safeguards in place to minimize impacts to our customers. We know that being prepared is the best defense against potential disaster events and take every precaution to protect our water and sewer system. That is why our Board of Directors recently approved capital investments to increase backup power resiliency. Rancho Water also maintains on-call crews and a 24/7 contact phone number to respond to emergencies quickly.

We encourage our customers to be prepared for a PSPS event. Make sure your contact information is current with Southern California Edison and Rancho Water. To update your information at Rancho Water, give us a call at 951-296-6900. We always recommend that customers store a minimum of two gallons of water per person per day, enough to last three to seven days, and don't forget your pets. Sign up for alerts about Public Safety Power Shutoff events by going to the Public Safety Power Shutoff website, a collaboration between Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric Company.