Water Main Breaks and Construction on Overland Dr.

Picture of Broken Pipe on Overland DriveHistory of Water Main Breaks on Overland Drive

Rancho Water recently experienced an unusual number of water main breaks on Overland Drive between Margarita Road and Ynez Road. After a thorough review of the issue and inspection of the damaged pipe, we have identified two major issues that place this particular section of pipeline from Ynez and Overland to Margarita and Solana Way under a higher risk of failure. First, is that a type of thinner walled PVC pipe was used during the installation in the 1990s that isn't used anywhere else in the District. The second is that installation issues from the original contractor were found.

June 17 Water Main Break

With the above information in mind, we decided to move forward with a plan to replace the entire section of pipe by the end of the year. Then, on June 17 around 1 am, the pipe broke again on Overland Drive between Nicole Lane and Margarita Road. Rancho Water crews responded just minutes after receiving the first report. However, water damaged the street, the sidewalk, flooded the area, and put local business out of water for several hours. As clean-up efforts started in the street, our management staff decided to approve an emergency plan to replace the section of pipe (between Nicole Lane and Margarita Road) now, instead of waiting until later this year. This means that over the course of just a few hours, our staff was able to come up with a plan to install two new valves and a tee, excavate and remove 700 feet of existing pipeline, install new fire hydrants, install 700 feet of new pipeline, and pave and repair the road. All while restoring water service to local business and maintaining traffic flow. The entirety of this work should be completed by July 1.

Rancho Water Construction Crew workingFuture Plans

It is important to know that we still need to replace the remaining section of pipe from Nicole Lane to Ynez Road and on Margarita Road from Overland Drive to Solana Way. We have expedited this project and anticipate the design activities to be finalized in 2019. Bidding and construction will be completed by mid-2020. While water main breaks are unpredictable, we consider it our top priority to responsibly manage our water infrastructure. Ensuring safe, clean water for you and your family is what we do!