Standard Specifications and Drawings

Part III, Ch. 2. Sec. 1 Standard Specifications and Drawings Multiple Documents

Chapter 2

Section 1

This chapter of Part III Administrative Code comprises several independent documents that are revised from time to time, as noted in the tables below. For any document history prior to 2008, please send an inquiry to the engineering email address. Click on each document/table header to view the current standard document.

Document HistoryDocument HistoryDocument HistoryDocument History
Approved 2008Approved 2008Approved 2008Approved 2008
Revised January 2009Revised January 2013Revised January 2009Revised January 2009
Revised September 2009Revised March 2020Revised June 2009Revised June 2009
Revised November 2009
Revised September 2009Revised June 2010
Revised October 2010
Revised June 2010Revised September 2010
Revised January 2012
Revised January 2012Revised September 2011
Revised June 2012
Revised January 2013Revised December 2012
Revised January 2013
Revised March 2015Revised October 2013
Revised March 2015
Revised March 2016Revised March 2014
Revised July 2017
Revised July 2017Revised June 2014
Revised April 2018
Revised March 2020Revised September 2015
Revised December 2018

Revised July 2017
Revised February 2019

Revised December 2019
Revised March 2020

Standard Drawings (PDF)
(see individual drawings for actual revision dates)

Technical Provisions

Revised Date
Document History
(All Technical Provisions Approved 2008)Document History
Approved 2008Division 1Revised January 2009
Revised June 2009Division 2Revised December 2015
Revised August 2009Division 3Revised January 2009, January 2012, December 2010, June 2016
Revised June 2010Division 4Revised January 2009, January 2012, October 2013
Revised October 2010Division 5Revised December 2010
Revised February 2011Division 6Revised October 2012
Revised January 2012Division 7
Revised June 2012Division 8
Revised December 2013Division 9Revised January 2009, October 2011
Revised January 2014Division 10Revised January 2009
Revised April 2014Division 11
Revised December 2015Division 12Revised January 2009, 1/January 2012
Revised February 2016Division 13Revised January 2009
Revised December 2016Division 14
Revised May 2017Division 15Revised January 2009
Revised June 2017Division 16
Revised June 2018Division 17Revised January 2009

Division 18Revised January 2009, October 2012, June 2019

Division 19Revised January 2009

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