CropSWAP-Sustainable Water for Agricultural Production

About the Program

Rancho Water's (RCWD/District) CropSWAP program provides financial assistance to the District's "agricultural" and "ag/residential" customers for crop conversion projects that are at least two acres in size and save at least one acre foot of water per acre, per year. Crop conversion projects are those that save water through replacement of higher water use crops with lower water use varieties.

Examples of past CropSWAP projects that have been funded include conversions to winegrapes, citrus, olives, cut flowers, and other crops that result in water savings. These projects have received anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per acre depending on their water savings.

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Avocado Rootstock Upgrades

Avocado rootstock upgrades are now eligible. These projects involve the removal of mature avocado trees that are currently being irrigated to levels necessary for crop production, and replaced with juvenile trees containing the latest salt tolerant and disease resistant rootstocks. Up to $6,000 per acre is available for these project types!

Application Process

For more information on this program and to determine eligibility, please follow the steps below. 

Prior to applying, please review the program's terms and conditions. 

Please note: To qualify for this program, the existing crop must still be planted, and the irrigation system for the crop must be intact and operable. 

Step 1- Review: 

Review the CropSWAP Program Framework- CLICK HERE TO VIEW (PDF) and CropSWAP Contract Template (PDF)

Step 2- Confirm Eligibility:

To find out if your project is eligible for the CropSWAP Program, email a short description of your project along with your Rancho Water account number to

Step 3- Apply:

Applications for CropSWAP program participation will be approved on a first come, first-served basis, and can be submitted online . To apply, please click on the “Application” button below. 


Step 4- District's Response:

Customers who submit applications for eligible projects will be notified in writing by Rancho Water of the approval or denial of their applications. Customers whose applications are approved will be eligible for a pre-conversion inspection to be conducted by the District, which will determine final CropSWAP Program eligibility.