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State Mandated Water Use Reductions

Like other water agencies in the state, Rancho Water was under mandatory conservation requirements set by the State Water Resources Control Board last year. Now in light of improved conditions in Northern California and strong conservation efforts statewide, the state has eliminated specific mandates and directed us to determine the appropriate local response to ensure adequate supplies for an additional three years of drought. While specific mandates are being eliminated, that does not mean conservation is no longer needed. In fact, we are counting on our customers to continue their water-wise practices. Locally, the District did not receive much rainfall and our local supplies continue to be affected. We thank our customers for the tremendous efforts they have made to save water during this drought. The District has reached accumulated savings of approximately 28%.

We have no way of knowing what next winter will bring in terms of precipitation, therefore it’s critical to be vigilant about how we use water and practice water-use efficiency at all times. Rancho Water has conducted our assessment of our water supply assuming three more dry years - the so-called "stress test" now required by the State Water Board. Thanks to our high levels of efficiency, we are able to demonstrate that we have adequate supplies available for our customers through three more years of drought. The District submitted a report (PDF) to the State Water Board with supporting Water Supply Reliability Certification Form (PDF) to demonstrate the available supplies.

Rancho Water is focused on doing all we can to raise the bar on water-use efficiency and continue investing in drought resilient supplies.

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