Projects & Plan Update


Implementing projects is an integral part of the IRWM Plan. The IRWM Plan reflects the interests of all stakeholders through the projects and programs included to meet the Plan objectives. Facilitation of multiple-benefit integration of implementation projects that reflect the regional interests of multiple stakeholders is a key aspect of the IRWM Plan. Integrated, regional projects can allow for greater levels of water resources benefits, and provide additional benefits such as cost-effectiveness, cost sharing, added expertise, and increased opportunity for funding from a variety of sources.

2019 IRWM Plan Project List (PDF)

Project Submittal & Review Process

Project submittal is a dynamic and on-going process to allow for new and updated projects to be readily incorporated into the IRWM Plan. Projects can be submitted at any time or through the Call-for-Projects, generally announced annually. Projects can be Implementation or Conceptual projects. Implementation projects are those that meet IRWM Plan requirements and will benefit the Region. Conceptual projects are those through further development will meet the IRWM Plan requirements and could potentially benefit the region.

Project Nomination Form

Use the Project Nomination Form (PDF), also known as the PNF, to submit your project, which clearly identifies information required for Implementation or Conceptual projects. The PNF is updated periodically and is posted here. Instructions for submitting are included on the PNF.

Submission Resources

Review Process

Flow Chart

Each project submitted will be evaluated using the Project Evaluation Worksheet (PDF) and determined if should be included in the IRWM Plan or stay on the Conceptual Project List until further developed.

2014 USMW IRWM Plan Update

The following is a summary of each chapter of the 2014 USWM IRWM Plan Update, followed by links to the full text of each chapter:

IRWM Plan Summary

Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update Final

IRWM Plan Update Final