Rebates & Programs 


Administered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, conservation rebates are now available for Rancho Water customers. To view the full list of available rebates, please visit:

Residential Rebates

Rebates are currently available for: 

  • Premium high-efficiency toilets
  • Clothes washers
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Sprinkler nozzles
  • Rain barrels & cisterns
  • Soil moisture sensor system
  • Turf replacement (artificial turf does not qualify, CLICK HERE to learn why)

Commercial & HOA Rebates

Rebates are currently available for:

  • Premium high-efficiency toilets and urinals
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Sprinkler nozzles
  • Food equipment
  • Turf replacement and recycled water conversion. (Financial incentives are available to property owners who convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water use.)

For more information, visit SoCal Water Smart. Please also view The Pathway to Water Savings for HOA and CII Customers (PDF) for information on how to apply for and receive incentives on Rancho Water's most popular tools and resources.

Replace Turf graphic

Ready to apply for the SoCal Water$mart Turf Replacement Rebate?   

Click HERE for a Step-By-Step Customer Guide


Rancho Water supports water use efficiency programs tailored to suit the needs of different types of water users. Programs are designed to provide technical and/or financial assistance for increasing water use efficiency within a specific customer class. Programs are developed based on the idea that efficient water use and water savings in one customer class benefits all customers through improved District-wide water supply reliability. 

Residential Programs 

Click on the links below to view program details:

Agricultural Programs

Click on the links below to view program details:

Commercial, HOA, & Public Agency Programs

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EPA WaterSense

Always look for the EPA WaterSense label when purchasing new appliances and garden/home fixtures. The label indicates you're selecting a water–efficient product that can help your wallet and the environment. 

Watch the videos below for WaterSense items you can find at your neighborhood Lowe's home improvement store.