Monthly Tips

February Monthly Tip


Healthy soils are the foundation of a successful garden. When soils are properly prepared, plant growth flourishes and maintenance is reduced.  Learn your soil type; whether it’s sand, loam, or clay, good soil are your plants best asset.  Sandy soil absorb water quickly, but doesn’t hold it well for plant roots. Clay soils absorb water slowly and hold large amounts of water.  To help build nutrient levels, sustain microorganism, retain soil moisture and reduce runoff, add organic amendments to your soil and cover the surface with 3" of mulch.


Benefits of fertilizer; Nitrogen promotes immediate thick, uniform, rich green growth.   Phosphoric Acid is essential for deep, healthy root development.  Potash aids in resisting disease and extremes in weather conditions.  Sulfur and iron provide deep green foliage color, reduces alkalinity and improves water penetration.   Over fertilizing can be as common as over watering, particularly with nitrogen which requires additional water, resulting in excessive growth.  It’s a good idea to keep a record of fertilizer applications, and always follow product directions.


As a watering tip: Warming trend by the 15th, means drying windy problems.  About 3" of water will be evaporated during the month.  Be diligent in deep watering of trees and fall annuals