Monthly Tips

May Monthly Tip


Your best defense for summer watering is an efficient irrigation system. As we enter the summer months landscapes requires more water. Watering efficiently is crucial, let’s start by checking the hardware of the irrigation system. First check the irrigation valves for cracks, leaks or damage solenoids, look for bare or broken wires that can cause electrical shorts.  Turn on the irrigation system by using the irrigation clock, see if sprinklers are popping up within 30 sec, if not check the valve again for low pressure or the sprinkler line for breaks.  Next visually inspect each sprinkler, check for cracks and leaks around the body casing, make sure that sprinklers are popping up all the way and are not blocked by tall grass or shrubs.

Fix sprinklers that are pulped, tilted or sunken that don’t allow water to spray evenly. Survey the uniformity of the sprinklers by placing 12 same size containers or tuna cans evenly through the grass; make sure not to set containers on top of sprinkler, run system for 10 minutes.  Next take a ruler and measure the depth in each container.  Ideally you want the depth to be the same in each container.  For corrections, adding a new sprinkler, changing the head nozzle or adding a new valve and sprinkler line, contact professional help.