Water Supply Management

Southern California is a semi-arid region and is largely dependent upon imported water supplies. A growing population, climate change, environmental concerns, and other factors in other parts of the state and in the western United States, make the region highly susceptible to water supply reliability issues. Careful water management that includes active water use efficiency measures not only in times of drought, but at all times, is essential to ensure a reliable minimum supply of water to meet current and future water supply needs.

The District finds and determines that because of the prevailing water conditions in the state, it is necessary and appropriate for the District to adopt, implement, and encourage participation in water use efficiency programs to ensure that there is sufficient water for human consumption, sanitation, and fire protection.

District Goal

Our goal is to assist customers to become water efficient, by:

  • Providing financial contributions to existing Metropolitan Water District incentives
  • Developing internal water use efficiency programs
  • Providing local rebate enhancements
  • Making available educational workshops

Tell Us Your Story

Are you a customer who is within your Tier 1 and Tier 2 water budget allocation? Do you have a success story on how to become more water efficient? Would you like to share it? RCWD is looking for success stories that will be posted to our website to help encourage others who are looking for ideas, resources, and tips on reducing their water use. If you have a story please fill out the form. View Previous entries below:

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