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2019 Poster Contest Guidelines coming soon

Each year, RCWD sponsors a poster contest for students in grades K-5. This year's theme, "Get SAVVY about Water Conservation," gives budding artists the chance to illustrate the importance of water conservation. The winning students, as well as their teachers, are honored at awards ceremonies throughout our service area. Of the winning posters, the top five posters are submitted to The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles for consideration and a possible spot on the WATER IS LIFE calendar. This contest is open to students between kindergarten and fifth grade only.

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H2O Where Did you Go? School Assembly Program
Rancho California Water District is providing a NEW theater assembly program this year from Shows that Teach: H2O Where Did You Go? RCWD provides a COMPLIMENTARY environmental assembly program for schools in our service area. There is NO cost to your school. Performances are 40-45 minutes each. Separate programs are offered for grades K-2 and 3-6, and middle school audiences. 100 is the minimum number of students for a performance unless prior arrangements have been made. Scheduling is based on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to schools who have not previously received a performance. Performances will take place indoors. Performances will be scheduled based on the total number of students at your school.

To Schedule an assembly, please visit the website, email, or call:
             (818) 422-1872

*Please do not contact Rancho California Water District to schedule an assembly.

Gobi’s Adventure

Gobi, the water drop and his friend, Aguat, travel from their rain cloud above the Colorado River down to earth and have an adventure in trying to reunite as Gobi and Aguat learn the truth about California-friendly plants and discover the importance of water conservation. Teachers will receive the book “Gobi’s Adventure,” a story about outside water conservation as well as Gobi’s adventure lesson plan and materials to be used as a class set. This is a great reinforcement tool for the teacher to use throughout the year. Training on this curriculum is available. To order this curriculum, please contact Meggan Valencia at (951) 296-6922. This activity is intended for children between kindergarten and second grade and lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. View the Gobi curriculum packet.

Otis the Turtle

A complete lesson plan and curriculum packet which includes the storybook and an Otis the Turtle plush character. This is a great reinforcement tool for teachers to use throughout the year. This activity is for third and fourth graders. View the Otis curriculum packet.