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At Rancho Water, our government affairs team is steadfast in its mission to collaborate with our constituents and local partners, effectively conveying the Board’s policies and priorities to federal and state officials.  Our goal is to educate decision-makers about the District’s unwavering dedication to responsible water, wastewater, and recycled water management and ensuring equitable access to clean, safe, and sustainable water.

You are invited to use the following information as a resource, and we look forward to updating this page more frequently with information on legislative and regulatory efforts the District is tracking, along with the release of issue briefs, and other information and relevant information geared to keep our customers and community partners informed.

Government Resources

Rancho Water’s State and Federal Legislative Priorities and Policy Principles for 2024

  • Rancho Water’s State and Federal 2024 Legislative Priorities [Coming Soon]
  • Rancho Water’s State and Federal Legislative Policy Principles

Legislative Matrices

  • Rancho Water State Legislative Matrix
  • Rancho Water Federal Legislative Matrix

Issue Briefs  

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Emerging Issues

Solve the Water Crisis

California faces a major challenge, climate change has severely impacted the ability of our water system to meet the current and future needs of the State, while California has failed to upgrade the system to increase the amount of water available and ensure the ability to move water to where it is needed. Conservation and modest system improvements will not be enough, bold changes are necessary and must be acted on immediately to avoid more statewide rationing. Find out more at

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