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RCWD Sports Parkvalues our customers and their needs. Therefore, RCWD's Public Information Program provides information to our customers about many areas including water use efficiency, water quality, water reliability, and financial stability.

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Rancho California Water District is Protecting Our Groundwater

RCWD RCWD Is Protecting Our Groundwater Because Groundwater Is Our Most Valuable Resourcegets its water from three main sources: groundwater, recycled water, and imported water. Approximately 65% of the District's water supply is from imported water from the Colorado River and the California Bay Delta. 5% of the District's water supply is recycled water. Recycled water is used for irrigation of golf courses and large landscape areas. Recycled water helps save groundwater and imported water for household use. Approximately 30% of the District's water supply is groundwater.

The Temecula-Murrieta groundwater basin is an important source of supply and a valuable economic asset to RCWD. Groundwater:

  • Partially insulates customers from imported water price increases
  • Provides high quality water to customers
  • Provides a reliable water source during drought times
  • Significantly less expensive than imported water

RCWD is committed to protecting the availability and quality of its groundwater resources.

  • RCWD is working with and encouraging other local land use and regulatory agencies to require use of sewer systems for large commercial and ancillary (resort, dining, hotel) developments in wine country in order to protect the quality of our groundwater
  • RCWD continues to monitor the quality and quantity of the groundwater
  • RCWD has recently approved a Groundwater Protection Policy
  • RCWD has made significant investments in our groundwater recharge and well production program which has enabled the District to better manage the groundwater basin

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Groundwater is our most valuable resource!