Field Services

About the Services

To ensure that the District's customers receive reliable and sustainable services, Field Services is dedicated to accomplish its mission in a cooperative, team-oriented environment that emphasizes quality, safety, and customer service.

The most critical roles of Field Services are to maintain the District's infrastructure. Repairs and maintenance are routinely performed on the distribution and wastewater systems as well as the operational maintenance of the District's production wells, critical for meeting demands while reducing costs towards import water. A 24-hour emergency response is provided to make sure our customers continue to receive uninterrupted services. Contact the response team at 951-296-6900.

DSC08631 Air VacDepartments

Field Services consist of various departments that serve both water and water reclamation functions:

  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Fleet and Facilities
  • Meter Repair and Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMR)


Rancho Water practices ongoing preventative and corrective maintenance of water and wastewater systems to provide maximum operational efficiency and reliability to our customers. Typical activities that you may observe throughout the District include:

  • Automatic Meter Reading System maintenance
  • Pumping station maintenance, improvements, and repair
  • Water reservoir maintenance
  • Waterline repairs

DSC08630 HydrantService maintenance information includes:

  • Full Installation Schedule Date
  • Location of Distribution Repairs

Dig Alert

If you are going to be digging around any utility you are required by law to contact Underground Service Alert at 800-422-4133 at least two working days prior to excavating to outline your job in white paint.

It is the responsibility of Rancho California Water District (Rancho Water) to only mark the lines of Rancho Water. These lines consist of:

  • Main water lines (located in the street)
    • Lateral lines
    • This is the water line that comes off the mainline and goes to the following: meter service, fire hydrant, air vac, blow offs, and detector checks
  • Rancho Water water valves

It is not the responsibility of Rancho Water to mark the customers' water lines located on their property after the meter service.

Customer Care

Customer care is available to help you solve non-emergency problems you may experience during normal operating hours by contacting Operations and Field Services at 951-296-6953.

Customer care non-emergency problems may consist of any of the following:

  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • Water quality concerns
    • Discolored water
    • Odor
    • Sediment

For all backflow/cross connection questions, please visit this page

Our 24-hour emergency response number is 951-296-6900.