Employee Benefits

The District provides eligible employees the opportunity to participate in various employee benefits. A few of those benefits are listed below:  

Medical Insurance: Eligible employees and dependents have the opportunity to enroll in medical insurance in accordance with District policies and applicable plan documents. Enrollment is available the first (1st) day of the month following the date of hire. Medical premium costs are shared between the District and the employee. 

Medical Insurance Waiver: Eligible employees may waive their medical insurance with proof of other health insurance.  The monthly cash payment in lieu of medical insurance benefits will be equal to the lowest medical insurance premium for the employee only rate.

Dental and Vision Insurance: Eligible employees and dependents have the opportunity to enroll in dental insurance and vision by 100% by the District. Enrollment is available the first (1st) day of the month following the date of hire

Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Eligible employees are able to participate in a FSA for out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses through the District’s Flexible Spending Account Program.

Life Insurance: The District provides eligible employees Group Insurance at twice their annual salary, capped at a maximum of $375,000 no cost to the employee.  Employees will pay taxes based on the appropriate IRS Tax Table or Schedule for life insurance amounts in excess of $50,000 according to current Federal and State Tax Schedules.

Short Term Disability Insurance: The District participates in California’s State Disability Insurance (SDI) program. All employees are subject to the state program’s tax withholding.  

CalPERS: The District participates in the CalPERS pension system requiring both an employer and employee contribution and include the 1959 Survivor Benefit plan.  Employees shall pay the employee (member) contribution in the amount determined by CalPERS and in accordance with applicable employee agreements. The District also reports the value of any Employer Paid Member Contribution (EMPC) as special compensation for CalPERS for Classic Members.

  • PERS 2.7% @ 55 for employees hired on or before December 31, 2012 (Classic Member) 
  • PERS 2% @ 62 for employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 (PEPRA Member)

Retirees: The District provides a retiree benefit plan that provides group insurance to eligible employees retiring from the District. Benefits include medical, dental, and life insurance with premium costs shared between the District and employee.  Eligibility for benefit based on date of hire and years of service

Deferred Compensation: The District’s Deferred Compensation Plan enables Board Members to defer a portion of their income. The Plan is intended to qualify as an eligible deferred compensation plan within the meaning of Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.  Plans are administered in accordance with federal requirements and allow a member to:

  • Contribute up to amount specified annually by the IRS
  • Catch-up plan for those 50+ of up to amount specified annually by the IRS
  • Is portable, can be rolled over into another qualified retirement plan

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP): All District employees are eligible to obtain confidential counseling as well as other work life benefits through EAP. Counseling is provided for problems such as marital issues, family relationships, depression and anxiety, alcohol and drug issues, and/or problems within the workplace at no cost to the employee.

Supplemental Benefits: The District offers supplemental benefits to eligible employees at their expense. 

Vacation: Eligible employees may accrue vacation hours beginning on their first day of employment. Exempt employees begin accruing 4.62 hours per pay period effective their first day of employment or promotion.  

0 up to 5 years3.08 hours80 hours
5 up to 6 years4.62 hours120 hours
6 up to 7 years4.93 hours128 hours
7 up to 8 years5.24 hours136 hours
8 up to 9 years5.54 hours144 hours
9 up to 10 years5.85 hours152 hours
10+ years6.16 hours160 hours


Sick Leave: Eligible employees may accrue sick hours beginning on their first day of employment at the accrual rate of 3.69 hours per pay period.

Holidays: The District observes the following holidays, including 1 floating holiday. Eligible employees are paid full or pro-rated holiday pay based on their normal work schedule.

New Year's DayPresidents' Day
Memorial DayIndependence Day
Labor DayVeterans Day
ThanksgivingDay after Thanksgiving
Christmas EveChristmas Day

Education Assistance: All regular full-time employees who have been employed by the District for a minimum of one (1) year and who have maintained a satisfactory performance rating are eligible to participate in this program.  If approved, the District will reimburse up to 80% of the cost of tuition for degree programs, not to exceed 80% of the comparable University of California current tuition for residents of California.  Other eligible expenses covered under the policy such as books and parking will continue to be reimbursed at 100%.

Certificate Bonus Award: Employees may be eligible to receive a one-time bonus if they have completed a course or program and received a new certification or degree listed below.