About EngineeringVail Dam

Rancho Water's Engineering Department provides project management, water resources planning, facilities planning and design, construction management, and inspection utilizing highly-skilled professional staff.

The Engineering Department is available to assist with your residential, commercial, irrigation, or other development / design project as it relates to new or modified (potable water, recycled water, and/or sewer) services and facilities.

Contact Engineering Services for assistance with any of the following:

  • Annexations, Agency Agreements, and Annual Tax Levy Information
  • Fire Hydrant Location Letters and Flow Tests
  • Pipeline Extensions and Plan Check Submittal Information
  • Temporary Construction Meters
  • Water Availability Letters
  • Water Pressure Information and Determination
  • New Service Applications

Contact Engineering Services Department:

Call (951) 296-6900 option 4. Please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible, as meetings are available by appointment only.

For all other vendors, please call the individual that you schedule the appointment or service with for further instructions.

Requesting Facility Information

Consultants, property owners, and contractors may require information regarding District-owned water and sewer facilities. "As-built" information and any of the following information can be obtained upon request by contacting Engineering Services at 951-296-6900:

  • First and Final Water and Sewer Clearance
  • Hydrant Location Map with System Hydraulic Information
  • Location of District Easements
  • Ortho Topo Map of your Property Location with Elevations and Aerial Imagery
  • Record Drawings of District Facilities
  • Water Availability ("Will Serve") Letter
  • Witness Hydrant Flow Test