Announcement Regarding California's Drought Conditions

On June 8th, Governor Newsom passed Executive Order N-10-21 placing 50 California counties – mostly in northern and central portions of the state - in a drought emergency. The Governor also asked Californians to “voluntarily reduce their water use by 15% from their 2020 levels”. 

At this time, Riverside County and most of Southern California are excluded from the drought emergency. Additionally, Rancho Water and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the agency that supplies more than 60% of the District's water, have planned for drought events and continue to invest in supply resiliency programs on behalf of our customers. As such, Rancho Water is not requiring any mandatory water use reductions. However, now more than ever, we encourage our customers to continue their diligence to using water efficiently and ensuring no drop needed for tomorrow is wasted today.  

During this time, we recommend that customers address leaks around their property, check irrigation systems, and look for additional ways to save water. Now's the time to act, before there's an emergency. Rancho Water is committed to keeping our customers informed and will make further announcements if the situation changes.

Interested in more information about California’s drought? Find more at

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