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Drought Watch
District Moves to Stage 3c
The District’s Board of Directors voted to move out of Stage 4a and into Stage 3c of the District’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan at their June 9, 2016 meeting. This action restores residential, landscape, agricultural, and commercial customer’s efficient budgets to 100%. In addition, the Board of Directors also voted to remove the drought penalty charges that were added to Tier 4.
The Board of Directors decision to move to Stage 3c balances two major influences. First, it follows the State Water Resources Control Board decision in May to revise Emergency Conservation Regulations resulting from improved water supply conditions in the northern part of the state. Secondly, it takes into account local groundwater, as the District relies on this for 40% of its supply and this source remains stressed as the southern part of the state has had multiple years of below average rainfall.

Stage 3c will give residential and landscape customers their full Tier 1 and Tier 2 efficient budgets and Tier 3 (the inefficient tier) will continue to be eliminated. Therefore, customers who go over their efficient budget will go directly into Tier 4 and pay the highest price for water. Customers will begin to notice changes on their bills after July 11, 2016.

We would like to ask our customers to continue to practice water use efficiency, as the long-term drought is still not over.

For additional information related to Stage 3c, please click here for the District’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan information.

Current Drought Status
Currently in Stage 3c
Residential and Landscape Customers Tier 3 Water Budgets are Eliminated.  Rolling water budgets continue to be suspended; No variances or adjustments will be approved for filling swimming pools, establishing or expanding landscape area, leaks not repaired within 48 hours, and existing outdoor water budgets.

RCWD is closely monitoring the water supply situation and will provide additional information as the District implements mandatory water efficiency measures. For details and information about the drought, click here.