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Residential/Commercial Rebates
Administered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, conservation rebates are now available. Limited rebates are available. For information please call 1-888-376-3314. Below is a list of devices/items that may qualify for a rebate. The Santa Rosa Division is funded in cooperation with Western Municipal Water District.
Device/Item - Subject to Available Funding    
Residential Rebates:
Rotating Nozzles
Rebate-Minimum 30 per application, pressure regulation not required
Weather Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC)
Less than one irrigated acre. Limit two devices per address
Weather Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC LL)
Large landscape one irrigated acre or larger
Premium High Efficiency Toilet (HET)
1.08 gallons per flush or less (funded through MWD)
Premium High Efficiency Toilet (HET)
1.08 gallons per flush or less (funded through the State of California)
Clothes Washers
Rain Barrel/Cisterns
Turf Removal -  Turf removal rebate funds have been exhausted. 
Commercial Rebates:
So. Cal Water$mart Rebates

Hot Water Recirculating Pump Voucher Program

FREE Urinal Flush Valve Upgrades AND Installation Services
Rancho California Water District has teamed up with other water agencies, including Western Municipal Water District to offer FREE high quality urinal flush valve upgrades for qualifying sites*.  The device is FREE. Installation of new flush valves and the recycling of the old flush valves are also at NO COST to you. Click on the flyer link to get more information such as the telephone number or email address for participation.
*Limited time offer is valid ONLY for replacement of non-efficient flush valves.

For more information on rebates please visit www.bewaterwise.com 
For additional rebate information please visit: www.cash4appliances.org
For an excellent water conservation calculator please visit: www.h2oconserve.org