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Commercial Customers
Office BuildingCommercial customers include businesses, restaurants, office buildings, auto repair shops, convenience stores, etc.   RCWD realizes that business and commercial customers have specific needs.  From using water to support day-to-day operations to using water efficiently for outdoor irrigation, wise water use can help reduce your operating expenses.

Understanding Water Rates
How are rates developed? 

Customer Specific Information

Auto Service and Repair Shops Grocers Office Buildings
Bakery and Pastry Shops Hospitals Paper Manufacturers
Beverage Manufacturers Hotels and Motels Restaurants and Fast
Food Outlets
Coin and Card Operated Laundries Industrial Bakeries Schools
Commercial and Retail Centers Industrial Laundries and
Dry Cleaners
Vehicle Washes
Commercial Printers Laboratories Water Features, Pools
and Landscapes
Fuel Service Stations and
Convenience Stores
Metal Finishers  

Additional Resources and Information
Fats, Oils, and Grease
Free Landscape Surveys
Water-Using Technology Information
Water Sense Best Management Practices

Water Efficiency Tips 
Water Quality Information
City of Temecula General Plan Documents
City of Murrieta General Plan Documents